Get a Life-Changing Smile Makeover

Not just a dentist, but an artist, Dr. Glosman's full smile makeovers in Beverly Hills have heads turning from Dubai and London to Moscow and beyond. Dr. Glosman now brings his world-class designer smile makeovers to you, right here in Beverly Hills and fast—he is often able to do it all within just two sessions.

Greet Your Next Chapter With an Award-Winning Smile Makeover

Your latest adventure awaits—greet your life with your best foot forward and your most stunning smile. Imagine your next set of vacation photos with a beautiful new smile, your next event with a winning grin or a hot date with an immaculately brilliant new set of pearly whites.

More Than Teeth New Smile, New You

Your first-class life deserves a first-class smile—and we want to take you there. As the #1 cosmetic dentist for smile makeovers in the Greater Beverly Hills Area, let Dr. Glosman and his team whisk you away to perfect dental health—and appearance, of course. Your new smile can open doors you didn’t even know were there, and with Dr. Glosman, a smile makeover is the best way to achieve a dramatic transformation that might just blow those doors off their hinges.

Dr. Glosman and his team understand that they are not simply in the dental business. They are here to upgrade your whole life—starting with a smile. From pouty coy youthfulness to a brilliantly arresting grin, a smile makeover can launch your life into a higher phase of being, inciting positive change in your career, love life, and self-esteem.

Realize your Potential, Starting With a Smile

Here at Dr. Glosman’s office, the premier dental studio of Beverly Hills, we are in the business of elevating your life. Whether it’s to join the elite class or fit in amongst our client base of international celebrities, royalty, and elites, Dr. Glosman is the number-one choice in Beverly Hills for the perfect smile.

Dazzle and charm with your new sophisticated designer smile. Converts to Dr. Glosman’s practice certainly do. With people whispering at Hollywood parties, “Who’s your guy?” the answer is invariably Dr. Glosman. Why get a regular smile when you can get a Glosman smile?

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A Brand New You: The Glosman Smile Makeover

Dr. Glosman has been perfecting his exclusive smile makeover by combining signature procedures, such as the Glosman LipLift and the Glosman DentaLift, for over two decades, preparing for the moment you decide you’re ready to perfect your smile.

The Glosman Smile Makeover is a series of procedures designed to craft a five-star smile to match your five-star life. Dr. Glosman will address potential issues and concerns such as chipped teeth and cracks, dental fractures, surface stains, gaps between teeth, poorly aligned teeth, and even signs of aging—using the exclusive Glosman LipLift and DentaLift—along with anything else about your smile that keeps you from feeling like your most exquisite self.

New Smiles in No Time: Your Smile Makeover in Under Three Weeks

Dr. Glosman offers the best in comfort and quality with unprecedented speed often completing a full smile makeover in just two sessions over the course of two to three weeks. This is thanks to sedation dentistry which allows many procedures to be done pain-free in just one visit, all while you dream of new heights and an elevated life made possible by your new smile. All you’ll remember is feeling good and waking up to an improved you.

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The New Anti-Aging Dental Work

When your smile is youthful and bright, so are you. Be the light that enters the room with your new stunning youthful glow. Feel lighter, brighter, and full of youth when you undergo a smile makeover with Dr. Glosman. A smile upgrade can take years off your appearance in natural-looking ways injectables and fillers simply can’t. 

Dr. Glosman specializes in anti-aging dental work, such as whitening or veneers, added to his signature procedures. His exclusive DentaLift and LipLift are dental procedures aimed at enhancing the smile and turning back the clock on facial lines while giving you a fuller pout.

You + Dr. A Glosman Smile: The Components of a Smile Makeover

The following are procedures you may choose to undergo as part of your smile makeover:

Veneers That Speak for Themselves 

If you want veneers, don’t settle for anything other than the industry’s leading cosmetic dentist. With over 20 years of experience crafting the most sought-after veneers, Dr. Glosman is known throughout the Beverly Hills area and beyond for his masterful work in aesthetic dentistry.

Your veneers will be expertly fitted over your natural teeth resulting in a flawlessly white and uniform smile, erasing the wear and tear of life from your teeth. Indeed, Dr. Glosman’s porcelain veneers are in a league of their own. Specializing in designer porcelain veneers, Dr. Glosman’s work is distinctive in its sophisticated beauty. Glosman veneers are like tiny works of art—our veneers have a way of looking like you’ve always had a gorgeous smile of epic proportions: the designer set of coveted teeth you were destined to have.

A Sophisticated Pout—the Glosman LipLift

A subtle change in your facial structure can make a huge difference in your look. The Glosman LipLift optimizes the shape of your teeth and upper jaw to provide structure for the lips. The result is a subtle, sophisticated pout, turning heads wherever you go.

Get the natural-looking full pout you covet without surgery or filler. As a part of your smile makeover, the revolutionary Glosman LipLift completes a smile to include fuller lips, revealing a sultry and alluring finish to your transformation.

Elevate Your Life with DentaLift

The DentaLift is Dr. Glosman’s signature approach to a facelift with a twist—it starts with your teeth. By realigning the jaw to enhance the facial structure, Dr. Glosman can reduce visible signs of aging in the lower half of the face.

This Glosman exclusive procedure uses the latest technology and Dr. Glosman’s keen eye for aesthetics to deliver impressive anti-aging results from within. The procedure results in a lifted, youthful appearance achieved without a facelift, filler or surgery.

Un-Dull Your Shine: Teeth Whitening

A simple procedure can yield dramatic results, especially with Dr. Glosman.

Take the dim off your sparkle: When you come to our office for teeth whitening, you can expect spectacular results. Dr. Glosman’s teeth whitening procedure is comfortable, painless, and effective. Though it can seem like a relatively simple procedure, teeth whitening can quickly restore your teeth to a previous brilliance; or perhaps reach new heights of luminosity altogether.

Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign with Dr. Glosman achieves astounding results from his orthodontic patients and smile makeover recipients alike. Using invisible “trays”—especially fitted to lie just over your teeth—Invisalign braces are almost undetectable, allowing your smile to be adjusted without metal brackets or wires.

Invisalign offers comfort and convenience without the frustrations of traditional braces. Using Invisalign, Dr. Glosman can help you achieve a straighter smile that can transform your entire look while improving dental function, longevity, and health.

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A First-Class Experience—in the Dentist’s Chair

There’s a reason Dr. Glosman’s patients say that a visit to his office is more akin to visiting a five-star spa or hotel. Think of your smile makeover as sitting first class on your way to a gorgeous, youthful smile. When you choose Dr. Glosman, you are not simply selecting a dentist—you are choosing opulence, luxury, and first-rate care. And when you choose the Glosman Smile Makeover, you can be assured you are selecting artistry, sophistication and class with the best the area has to offer in designer smiles.

We want to help you get the smile you were destined to have with the best in comfort, expertise and first-rate service. Contact our office today to learn more about how to get started on your designer Glosman smile—to match your charmed life. 

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