Elevate Your Smile with Porcelain Fillings in Beverly Hills

After traveling the world upgrading the smiles of celebrities and members of the international elite, Dr. Glosman brings his expertise to each porcelain filling here at our Beverly Hills dental studio.

Metal-Free Fillings With Dr. Glosman

At Dr. Glosman’s, metal-free fillings in Beverly Hills are the simple solution to cavities and tooth decay. Though perhaps a more mundane treatment, we pride ourselves in making each visit feel more like a trip to a luxury spa—massage and bubbly, anyone?—than a visit to the dentist’s chair. Find out why celebrities, royalty, and members of the elite choose Dr. Glosman for all their dental needs, even when they may seem simple.

Why Get a Regular Filling When You Could Get a Glosman Filling?

Patients around the world love to go to Dr. Glosman for all their dental needs—even the more routine ones. Each person who walks in the door of our Beverly Hills dental studio will see why our patients rave about their five-star experience: we like to think of our luxury headquarters as more of a vacation or a spa than a dentist’s office. Why get a regular filling when you can get a Glosman filling?

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To Your Beauty & Your Health: More About Metal-Free Fillings

Metal-free fillings match the natural color of your teeth and do not contain harsh chemicals—like mercury and BPA—that may cause health problems. When a dentist diagnoses your teeth with decay or cavities, fillings are usually the proper treatment. While many dentists use lower-quality materials that may contain harmful chemicals, Dr. Glosman is committed to using the highest grade dental porcelain to ensure your fillings are healthy and beautiful.

Your custom metal-free filling will be formulated to perfectly match the tooth enamel, rendering them unnoticeable. Porcelain fillings placed at our dental studio in Beverly Hills are guaranteed to be of the highest quality dental porcelain, ensuring non-toxic durability and function while looking absolutely flawless.

High-Grade Dental Porcelain to Treat Decay and Cavities

A filling is a highly effective treatment for tooth decay and cavities. If the decay is left untreated, it will likely get worse and possibly even lead to nerve damage and other conditions that may require complex & invasive treatments such as root canals. We here at Dr. Glosman’s are ready to treat you with the highest quality non-metal fillings quickly and effectively so that complications and issues can be avoided, leaving your smile radiating with good health.

We understand that going to the dentist can be intimidating, causing anxiety and discomfort. We want to assure you that even getting a filling here at Dr. Glosman’s, you will be treated with nothing but the height of luxury. We want you to leave feeling more like you just went to the spa rather than to the dentist, even if it’s just for a filling.

The Procedure: Getting Your Metal-Free Fillings With Dr. Glosman

After we make sure you are as comfortable as possible, we start the procedure by numbing the area of the mouth around the damaged tooth with a safe, fast-acting local anesthetic. Thanks to this anesthetic, you don't feel any pain or sensitivity during the procedure—you can just sit back, relax, and dream of your brighter smile.

Next, we will clean out the decayed part of the tooth. That leaves an empty space, which we fill with high-quality porcelain restoration material. If the cavity is particularly deep, we may need to line the surface of the cavity floor with a layer of protective material. We also offer sedation dentistry to our patients if any part of this procedure sounds overwhelming or scary—we want you to be relaxed as possible, almost like you are reposing on a tropical beach, only in the dentist’s chair.

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Types of Filling MaterialsWhy Choose Metal-Free With Dr. Glosman?

The options of tooth filling material used depend greatly on the problem, the location of the tooth to be filled, and the severity of the cavity. Below are some of the various filling materials that have been or are being used worldwide.

There are many options when you are searching for tooth filling material, but composite and porcelain are typically the highest recommended today for several reasons: composite looks and feels like natural teeth, it costs less, and unlike most metals, it is non-toxic. Here at our Beverly Hills dental studio, we work exclusively with metal-free materials for cavity fillings.

Metal-Free Fillings

Composite Fillings (Tooth Color)

The best way to maintain a natural and beautiful look is to use composite and porcelain fillings, which look natural, cost less, and are non-toxic. We mainly choose composite fillings, which are tooth-colored and have a natural look, as do porcelain fillings.

Composites also bond well with your natural teeth, and they don't contain any toxic materials. They can chip and stain as natural teeth can, but fixing them is easier and less costly than repairing a damaged metal filling.

Silver Amalgam Filling

Traditional "silver" metal amalgam fillings are strong and durable and stand up well against chewing. However, metal fillings can cause discoloration of the tooth and even provoke fractures in it.

In addition, metal amalgam fillings contain mercury. Because of the potential toxicity of mercury, and other hazards associated with metal amalgam fillings, Dr. Glosman works exclusively with composite and porcelain materials, which are not hazardous to patients, do not contain harmful chemicals, and match the tooth enamel.

Indirect Filling

Occasionally, a tooth is so damaged that there's insufficient structure to hold fillings in place. In this case, Dr. Glosman uses what's called an indirect filling. To make an indirect filling, we will take an impression of your mouth. The filling is then created in the lab and designed for a perfect fit. Inlays and onlays are the primary types of indirect fillings we apply for tooth decay in our dental studio here in Beverly Hills.

Gold Filling

Gold is very strong when used in fillings, and it is incredibly long-lasting. However, it's expensive and visible when you smile or open your mouth—a feature many hope to avoid when getting fillings.

Destination: A Gorgeously Non-Toxic + Metal-Free Smile

Skip the drudgery of a normal visit to the dentist, you’re in first-class now. At Dr. Glosman’s, we make sure each guest is on the VIP list whether you’re getting a full-smile makeover, veneers, or a simple filling. Celebrity dentist Dr. Glosman is here for all your high-profile dental needs making sure each smile shines brighter than the stars.

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Patient Testimonials

I had seen all of the top dentists in town, and there was just no comparison. Dr. Glosman just cares more than any dentist I have ever met.


Dr. Glossman is not only great, but his whole office staff is wonderful. I am always greeted with smiles and given the best care possible.


Being afraid of the dentist, I took my friend's advice and came to see Dr. Glosman; he's amazing!!! Friendly, nice, knowledgeable, great bedside manner… AND the front desk staff is amazing as well!


Dr. Arthur Glosman and his entire staff are outstanding! As someone who has always been fearful of dentists and having dental work done, I can tell you that he and his entire staff will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.


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