Dr. Glosman is not just a dentist but a lifestyle designer, the vehicle to get you from here to your dream life. A Glosman DentaLift can lift and rejuvenate your entire look to elevate your whole life.

Upgrade Your Smile, Upgrade Your Life

You are a star—let your teeth shine by upgrading your smile to match your first-class life. Beverly Hills elites trust Dr. Glosman with the essential aspect of the smile, the first thing everyone sees: your teeth. You are ready—you deserve a star-quality smile, and Dr. Glosman can get you there.

A Glosman Smile: Rejuvenate Your Bite

Take back your timelessly beautiful smile. With age, signs of a life well-lived can start to show on your teeth, extending to your face and overall appearance. As worn-down teeth can contribute to a tired, worn out look, Dr. Glosman has developed a procedure to rejuvenate your bite, reversing these undesirable effects and signs of aging.

Do you suffer from:

  • Lip lines and drooping lips?
  • Thin or sunken-in lips?
  • Worn down or collapsed bite?
  • Grinding and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues?
  • Missing teeth?

You may be a great candidate for the Glosman DentaLift at our Beverly Hills studio. This exclusive procedure is designed to give you a distinctively Glosman look of rare beauty: sophisticated, elegant, alluring and timeless.

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Getting Glosman-Gorgeous: What is a Glosman DentaLift?

The Glosman DentaLift is a signature cosmetic dental procedure created exclusively by Dr. Glosman that restores the natural position of the teeth and jaw, improving the overall appearance of the face. The procedure is optimal for those who may have worn down teeth or a collapsed bite, as it focuses on the bottom third of the face. Patients with TMJ or who have experienced mouth trauma may also benefit from the DentaLift. The procedure involves using X-rays, photos, and study models to correctly angle the teeth and restore the face's natural bite pattern and shape. The result is a lifted mouth and jaw that optimizes facial structure to fill out your lips and lower face for a youthful look that can take years off your age.

A DentaLift Masterpiece: Classic Beauty for Perfect Facial Harmony

Dr. Glosman’s discerning eye for aesthetics cannot be duplicated or taught. His extensive experience and training in the cosmetic field is complemented simply by good taste for sophisticated beauty, working with his high-profile patients to create the most attractive look.

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Your Smile, but Better

The trademarked DentaLift procedure has been developed and perfected by Dr. Glosman using his extensive training and experience combined with his keen eye for aesthetics. Using the latest in dental technology, a DentaLift with Dr. Glosman restores the youthful look of your upper lip using the support of the upper teeth to give your lips a fuller appearance. Using this trademarked technique, Dr. Glosman performs the procedure without surgery, meaning you can relax and know that your best smile is being expertly crafted by our team here at our Beverly Hills studio.

Preparing Your New Lifted Look

To prepare for your designer Glosman DentaLift, Dr. Glosman will use the Rule of Golden Proportions—a classic way of aesthetically measuring beauty that dates centuries, spanning cultures around the world—to restore the symmetry, harmony, and balance in your facial structure. We use the latest technology with X-rays, study models, photos, and an analysis of your bite to understand your facial aesthetics and the role your teeth play in your facial harmony. 

This analysis allows us to determine the precise angle of your front teeth to support your upper lip and cheeks, thus perfecting your look. Once this is determined, we choose the precise, high-quality porcelain veneers and crowns for the most effective and attractive results.

DentaLift for a Lifted Life

Celebrity dentist Dr. Glosman brings you his decades of experience perfecting the smiles of international elites—movie stars, influencers, royalty, models and more—to create the smile that will give your whole life the lift you deserve. Whether it’s to influence others, attract a partner or simply for you to feel good about your smile, the Glosman DentaLift can help achieve it all, getting you closer to the life of your wildest dreams.

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