Top 10 Dental Apps to Help You with Oral Health

It seems like there is an app for nearly everything you can think of, and in dentistry it's no different. There's a host of interesting oral health apps all claiming to help people get into good habits about maintaining optimal dental hygiene and some of them are shockingly good.

Here is a list of some of the best dental apps for both Apple and Android devices.

Brush DJ

Do you know that most dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes at a time? Maybe you knew this but find tracking time while brushing difficult? Now thanks to Brush DJ, which plays a song at random for full two minutes, you’ll be able to brush your teeth for the recommended time while rocking out to some cool tunes. The apps also include reminders for changing your toothbrush, flossing, and more.  


By sending text messages, text2floss provides you valuable information related to oral health and hygiene, also ensuring you don’t forget to brush and floss. The app includes many features. For instance, you can even use it to find a clinic close to your home. 

Virtual Dentist

Third in our list of top dental apps is Virtual Dentist, an app that simulates dental procedures by asking you upload a pic showing your teeth. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad and simulates procedures like dental reshaping, fillings, implants, veneers, gum reshaping, gum bleaching, whitening, braces, and more. The app continues to improve for a better user experience.

Brushy app

Brushy app


Most of us neglect or forget to brush certain teeth especially molars. Brushy is a simple yet effective virtual map of your mouth plus a 2 minute brushing timer which shows not only where to brush but also for how long. One of the most innovative dental apps Brushy is one of our personal favorites for both children and adults. 

Dental Phobia

Is dental anxiety keeping you from going to your dentist? If yes, use dental phobia, the best go-to destination for a detailed and impartial description of different dental services and what’s involved in them.


One of the coolest dental health apps for kids, KidsDental uses animation to teach kids about the hows and whys of brushing, flossing, balanced eating and visiting the dentist. Kids can choose from different characters, and each time a character is selected; his or her story flashes on the screen.  It was voted one of the best apps in 2011 and has made some nice improvements since. For can find more information about this app here.


Brushing teeth is a simple task, but are we doing for as long as we should. QucikBrush makes the brushing experience simple and quick, besides helping you brush the teeth better the app features timers for different parts of mouth you don’t miss anything. It also includes brushing tips, floss teeth instructions, and more. Download this helpful app here.

Dictionary of Dental Terminology

Want to understand various dental terms? The dictionary of Dental Terminology provides clear, concise, and easy-to-understand definition of innumerable dental terms. This app may not be for everyone, but if you are going to the dentist for a procedure this app can help you understand the terminology your dentist will use during your consultation. 



Braces Help

Are you wearing braces or planning to get them? You are likely to find Braces Help app mighty useful. The app tells you everything you want to know about how to care for braces and what to do in case of problems occur. Downloading an Orthodontic related app make a lot of sense since brances can a part of your life for numerous years.

Brush Teeth

The app displays instructions on how to brush teeth and plays music simultaneously much like Brush DJ (listed above). Brush Teeth also features toothbrush replacement notifications, appointment reminders, and brushing reminders. Hopefully one or more of these apps helps you take care of your teeth the way your dentist expects you too. For more information or to schedule a dental appointment in Beverly Hills please contact us.

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