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One of our most frequently asked questions is: What are the best brands of dental porcelain veneers on the market? While we do not recommend or use all the options listed below, it’s important to know what options exist for patients who want top quality veneers.

Empress & Emax

Designed and manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent Corporation, both Empress, and Emax are composed of pressed ceramic veneers. Ivoclar is well-known throughout the world as the leading manufacturer of porcelain veneers. Emax veneers are known as the more durable than Empress due to the composition process. Both contain leucite crystals that belong to the feldspathic group of minerals. Both Empress and Emax are thin enough to allow minimal shaping or resurfacing of your teeth. Emax does have some limitations in their aesthetic offerings but are adding more each year.


What kind of porcelain veneers do Hollywood A-listers have? Most celebrities use MAC veneers designed and manufactured by the MicroDental Laboratory. However, MACs are only provided to select clients, meaning only a reputable Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist will be able to offer them.

MAC veneers are made of pressed ceramics which is similar to the Empress and the Emax of Ivoclar. MACs provide the most realistic teeth appearance by using up to 16 hues in their color matching process. Other veneers are limited to a maximum of four hues.

DuraThin & DaVinci

Durathins are manufactured by Vita Corporation and technically have the same qualities as any other porcelain veneer that is designed as feldspathic porcelain. DaVinci veneers are designed and manufactured by the DaVinci Dental Laboratory, another proponent of stacked porcelain technology. The DaVinci name has also enjoyed some popularity after it was featured in the reality show Extreme Makeover.


Lumineers are the way to go if you want your teeth surface to remain untouched during the porcelain veneer application process. One of the drawbacks of the other porcelain veneers is that your dentist will have to shave 0.5 millimeters of thickness off your teeth to fit the veneer. The thicker the veneer, the deeper the teeth resurfacing.

Lumineers are publicized to be only 0.2 millimeters thick so there is really no need to have your teeth resurfaced anymore. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of patients who have had Lumineers and had gum problems or even broken porcelain that required another trip to the dentist. Additionally, Lumineers can typically cost anywhere from $1,300 to $2,000 per tooth, which is not a significant cost savings.

Let Your Dentist Choose

Lumineers may not be for you based on their marginally lower price and no guarantee that they will be worth it. DuraThin and DaVinci are very promising but are made of porcelain stacked on top of another. MACs ae the ideal but that also means you have to look for a cosmetic dentistry office that offers MAC. Otherwise, you are left with either Empress or Emax. Ultimately, making a final decision will be affected by how your dentist will interpret the actual condition of your teeth and what shape and aesthetic you are trying to accomplish. If you have any questions please visit our contact us.

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