Are you getting enough vitamins to maintain healthy teeth and gums? As a practicing dentist in Beverly Hills I know for certain that most people are not getting the correct amount of nutrients to promote a healthy mouth. Just like certain nutrients are good for heart health, some vitamins and minerals promote good oral health and hygiene. Here is a list of best vitamins and minerals for optimal oral health, and the foods you can eat to get these vitamins naturally.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A boosts healthy saliva production, which in turn helps remove harmful bacteria as well as food particles from mouth and reduce risk of developing cavities. Vitamin A also protects cheeks and gums from disease by maintaining healthy mucous membranes that coats your cheeks and gums.Foods that are rich in Vitamin A include carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy green veggies, fish, and egg yolks.

Vitamin C

No other vitamin or mineral is as important Vitamin C for keeping gum tissues strong and healthy. Vitamin C deficiency can bring with it a host of oral problems, like bleeding gums, and gum disease.Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit, berries, broccoli, peppers, sweet potato, and kale.


B Vitamins

Canker sores can be indicative of inadequate intake of B Vitamins, so could be inflammation in the tongue or gums. Add more foods rich in B Vitamins in your diet, like poultry, red meat (in moderation), spinach, almonds, legumes, and dairy products to keep these oral conditions at bay.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E prevents periodontal disease by lowering mouth inflammation. You can find this very important vitamin in abundance in almonds and other nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, wheat germ, palm oil, and avocado.


Most toothpastes contain fluoride as it helps in remineralization of tooth enamel and preventing tooth decay. Beside being found in our tap water, fluoride is found in seafood and black tea.


Iron fortifies the immune system, thereby reducing your susceptibility to oral infections and gum disease. Iron-rich foods include seafood, eggs, red meats, and breads.



Given the fact that tooth enamel is almost totally made of calcium, it is no surprise that it is ranked by oral experts among the top supplements for tooth enamel. Examples of calcium-rich foods include leafy green veggies, sardines, dairy products, broccoli, legumes, almonds, and oysters. You can also take calcium supplements to meet your daily requirement.


Our body needs phosphorus—as well as Vitamin D (listed next)—to completely absorb calcium and use it for boosting bone health. So taking enough calcium alone is not sufficient–You must also ensure you are getting the recommended amount of phosphorus.Most dairy products are a good source of both calcium and phosphorus. Other foods rich in phosphorus include nuts, red meat, whole grains, and lentils.

Vitamin D

Dental caries, or cavities, are holes in the enamel of the tooth that can be a direct result from inadequate vitamin D in the body. You can meet the daily recommended intake of Vitamin D by sitting for just 15 minutes in the sun. Top dietary sources of Vitamin D include milk, fish, eggs, and cod liver oil.


Considered among the best supplements for tooth enamel because of its ability to prevent tooth decay, potassium is present in good amounts in foods like cheese, milk, yogurt, leafy green veggies, avocados, and bananas.


A trace mineral, Iodine promotes oral health by helping the body to absorb calcium, which, as said earlier, is the main component in teeth and bones. Sesame seeds, garlic, shellfish, and seaweed are all good sources of iodine, including for iodized salt.


Zinc help in eliminating cavity-causing bacteria. To ensure you are getting adequate amount of zinc, include foods like pumpkin seeds, cashews, oysters, mushrooms, legumes, and red meat in your diet.Getting all these vitamins and minerals from our diet can be difficult for some so its always good to have a good vitamin stash or juicer at home. To schedule a teeth cleaning or other general dentistry needs please contact us.

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